Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ebay Listings 3-25-15

This week's listing are heavy on the baitfish patterns with some top water thrown in the mix.

Find all the listing HERE.

Some of the notable flies in the batches this week:

The black and purple EP Fiber baitifish is a local staple of night fishing and particularly well suited to the jetties at night. Tied on a 2/0 B10S (2X heavy).

The micro poppers are a personal favorite for any freshwater in Texas. The small size ensures that sunfish that slam this fly actually hook up. Most popper miss many fish because they are too wide bodied. Don't be fool by the small size these popper can land big fish and 50 fish days are common without changing the fly.

Weedless baitfish patterns tied on worm hooks have been popular locally to suspend around weed beds. 

Mirco streamers have fished well for me all winter. These size 8 streamers are based on classic squirrel wing streamer patterns with a few modern updates such as 3D eyes. They are hard to beat when mimicking small baitfish.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weekly Ebay Listings

I am going to start adding a weekly set of Ebay listing of flies I tied. This week favors redfish and speckled trout flies, but there are also a couple bass fly assortments. Check them out HERE

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fly Gallery Bully's Blue Gill Spider

Bully’s Blue Gill Spider
Hook: size 10-12 1xl dry fly hook
Thread: UTC 140
Wire: Lead wire 0.020 or greater
Body: Medium rayon chenille
Legs: Medium Round Rubber legs (usually white)

The Bully’s Blue Gill Experience

The Bully’s Blue Gill Spider is a staple of blue gill and river bass fishing in Central Texas. Develop by Roxanne and Terry Wilson, this fly makes use of the aggressive nature of bass and sunfish by descending quickly and fluttering while stripped to mimic a struggling or escaping insect. With a body made of chenille, Bully’s blue gill spiders can be constructed in any color of available chenille. The legs MUST BE RUBBER! No silicone legs! The specific action of this fly requires legs with the flexibility of rubber. Silicone is not flexible enough at short lengths to achieve the same effect in the water as rubber. This versatile fly has even led to controversy in our club as rival sunfish anglers debate which color variant out fishes all others. Woolly bugger chenille in brown with brown rubber legs versus chartreuse medium rayon chenille with white rubber legs is often the local debate.