Thursday, November 8, 2012

Furry Virgin

This fly is the hair wing version of my Guadalupe Virgin fly. I've tied this fly for streamer fishing on the Guadalupe River.

Hook: Size 10 Streamer
Thread: Black UTC 140
Butt: Red UTC 140
Body: Single Strand Light Green Yarn
Rib: Silver Flash/Tinsel
Wing: Natural squirrel tail
Head: Black UTC 140

Tie in red tail section.
Tie in yarn and flash.
Tie in the black thread and create the thread base up to the eye of the hook.
Then wrap the yarn forward followed by the flash.

Tie off and create a small thread head.

Tie in the clump of squirrel tail fur. Be careful to keep it firmly aligned on top of the hook. I use a loose first wrap followed by a second wrap tightened directly downward while tightly pinching the fur in my fingers.
Trim ends and build thread head.
Whip finish the head.

Tie in several wraps of red thread on the head and whip finish. Finally coat with head cement.

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