Monday, August 11, 2014

Grab and Go Boxes

by Nick Bertrand (primary contributor to Siren Flies)

This will probably not be a new concept for many of our members, but a “Grab and Go Box” for flyfishing has become a must for myself. I also know for a fact several of our members keep these boxes ready to go.

The idea is simple: One box that I can grab and then go fishing because I know it will have all I need for a day of flyfishing.

This box allows me to centralize the gear I use most and ensures some essentials are always with me.

The recipe for the box’s contents will very from person to person and certain things do will have to change seasonally.

Year round:

·      Fly bag
            The bag I will actually carry on the water with all its necessary contents.

·      Wading boots (if they fit in the box…mine do not)

·      Spare polarized sunglasses

·      Flash light

·      Spare glow sticks
I keep one of these in my bag incase I end up fishing late without a flash light)

·      First aid kit
I like the one or two man camping sets. They come prepackaged in small bags and come with all the essentials to deal with most small first aid needs on the water

·      Bug repellent and Sunscreen
I keep fluids like these in a plastic bag to protect against leaks. A reel covered in greasy sunscreen is not fun to use.

·      Multi tool (leatherman)
                        It can deal with all kinds of potential problems.

·      Waterproof Rain Shell Jack
I use something lightweight without insolation in case I decide I need to carry it with me and so I can use it any season.

·      Spare reel
                        I change it to match the rod and circumstances of the trip.
·      Spare fly box
Usually a box of big meaty flies.


·      Buff style face cover

·      Sun Gloves

·      Waders
                        If they fit in the box that is great mine usually don’t.

·      Spare Change of Clothes

The first time I ever fished with a club member in winter, I went five steps into the water and I went down. Completely soaked clothes end a day of winter fishing…period! However, a spare set means you change and get back on the water once you have emptied your waders.

·      Additional clothing layers
I usually keep a down vest available as a very warm core inner layer.

The goal of the box is to keep life simple, over packing it is easy and keeping the physical size of the box small enough to move without a buddy is a good rule of thumb.
            Also remember to properly dry any wet gear that goes into the box. I usually leave the lid off my box for about 24 hrs before repacking it.

Hopefully this will help stream line your fly fishing.

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