Monday, December 10, 2012

Blood Belly Goby - Calico Bass Fly

This Fly Gallery goes out to the Calico Syndicate. They were looking for folks to post Calico Bass flies, and I took it as an opportunity to get creative on the vice. This one has never been tested on a Calico, but I tried to match the general trend of the patterns other folks posted with a couple of my own tweaks.
Essentially I wanted a "goby/sculpin" fly with a natural tone upper body and reddish under body to either represent a wounded fish or just the natural organs and ovaries visible through the underbelly.

At the time I didn't have the proper mono to make a weed guard, but these flies almost always have one as far as I can tell from examples on the Calico Syndicate page.

Hook: Eagle Claw 2x Long 2/0
Head: Sculpin Helmet
Lower Pectoral Fins: Chartreuse Arctic Fox Tail and Barred Rubber legs
Upper Pectoral Fins: Olive Arctic Fox Fur
Belly: EP Streamer Brusch (Color: Rust)
Tail: Magnum Rabbit Zonker Gold Variant

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