Thursday, December 6, 2012

Foxy Sunfish Demo

After my last couple outings on the Guadalupe for trout I got thinking about other types of streamers that could be used on our trout.  The foxy sunfish is the result of those contemplations using some of the techniques developed by folks that throw large articulated streamers like Richard Strolis and Mike Schmidt.
For the record I do not know how monster streamers would do on our holdover rainbows most anglers down here are fishing size 8-12 streamers. Perhaps once our flow goes up I will have to experiment.

1. Tie in thread base

2.Tie in marabou tail. Tie back down the hook so your thread is just before the tail.

3. Tie in a schlappen or low quality hackle feather top first and bring thread to about two eye lengths before the hook.

4. Palmer the schlappen forward and tie off.

5. Reverse tie Arctic fox fur and cut off excess.

6. Fold fur back over the hook and tie down creating a fur and thread head. Whip finish.

7. Add 3-D stick on eyes to both sides of the head and add super glue in between the eyes to fix them in place.

8. Carefully coat the head in UV resin. (I use Tuffleye Finish).

Go fishing

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