Monday, January 21, 2013

Flipboard for the Fly Fisherman (Product Review)

I have been searching for a free app to use on my IPad to stream line all the digital media I enjoy for fly fishing. I have tried several (e.g.Pulse, Blog Shelf and Gwhizz), but without a doubt the one that works best for my tastes is Flipboard. Its available for most tablets (Android or IOS) and it has channels for all the primary media forms I follow. These include, but are not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, Google Reader and Instagram. There is also a channel for the Orvis News Feed too. It formats the various channels to a magazine style flipping page that can be expanded to both zoom on pictures and expand article items. Additionally, once expanded the original webpage is often displayed below for easy access.

Fly fishing is the major interest I use Flipboard for, but it also includes many other channels focused on news, technology, movies, photography etc. 

Below you will find an intro video produced by Flipboard and in my previous blog post is the bare bones demo they made as well. 

Pros: Flipping through items is very intuitive and the motions needed to flip to a new item or close it are the same on every page. Easy transition from Flipboard to the original web page. Allows commenting on photos and posts from Flipboard to social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Facebook pages can be turned into their own channel. 

Cons: Some picture files do not always make it from the blog into the Flipboard format (only one or two blogs I read have this problem). Searching for new channels produces a results page that likely includes the media your seeking, but I found it often placed it in an unexpected part of the results page (make sure and scroll down if you do not find what you seek).

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