Saturday, January 12, 2013

Texas Spey Fly

Alright so if you have been following on Instagram or Facebook you will have noticed the sudden appearance of spey flies. Why spey flies in central Texas one might ask?....well mostly because I can't help but pursue my own hair brained ideas. I got a 7 wt switch rod a little while back and now its finally set up for skagit. Since the only way to master those kinds of casts is two get out there and practice I figured I would throw together some flies for it.

The results were some downsized spey flies. I mean if I am going to cast them in a river with fish I might as well set them up to hook into something. Essentially this is just down sizing the fly to fit the stocked rainbows in the Guadalupe.

I'll post how it goes.....

Base: Fish Skull Articulated Shank (35mm)
Hook: Size 6 Octopus circle hook on 30lbs spider wire
Body: Wrapped Sparkle Braid Pink
Collar: Palmered Marabou (Cream below Peacock Blue)

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