Monday, May 12, 2014

Item #2 for your Tying Desk: Sharps Container

This item is probably coming directly from my experiences in the ichthyology lab.

I keep a sharp item disposal jar in my tying desk.

Anyone who works with razor blades knows being careful while using them is important, but so is dealing with them once they are dull. I use an old wide mouthed prescription bottle as my disposal place for razors and craft knife blades.

Once it fills completely I can throw the entire jar away with out fearing the razors could cut a trash bag or a blade unexpectedly getting somewhere it shouldn't be.

Finally it means I don't have to leave dull blades lying around my desk if I get into a marathon tying frenzy and go through several blades. It can also alleviate wondering which is the new blade or dull blade.
Add one to your desk and see if it makes your life easier.

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