Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4-1-15 Ebay Listings

No April Fool's Jokes are present below.

All current ebay listings can be found here.

This week's listings include some classics. As I am sure most  readers will know the Clouser minnow. Keep it as a staple of their arsenal. I learned early on to tie mine on salt water hooks so they will always fish no matter what water I am fishing. These are some of my favorite colors.

 Additionally, there are several varieties of bass and sun fish flies included as I have been prepping my own boxes for the spring fishing to take off.  I fish two categories of bass and sunfish flies. The first is a series of small insect/frog style patterns and the second group includes suspending and bottom dredging streamers. The sizes vary but I usually don't throw many things over a size 2.

Don't underestimate the big fish catching power of small flies. A size 12 ant can take on a very big bass. River bass will always continue to feed on some stuff that falls into the river from shore. Take advantage of that fact.

 I have also added a buy it now option for some of my Dirt Cheap Divers. These were designed to avoid the efforts needed to produce deer hair divers and make a fly cheap enough to leave in a tree if you hang up trying to make the necessary casts under over hanging branches. These do a great job of that diving ker-plunk that has made Dahlberg Divers so effective.  Try them with a sink tip or sinking leader they are even more versatile.

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