Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fly Gallery: Guadalupe Virgin

Another Tuesday night fly tying session with the Alamo Fly Fishers has come and gone. I'm taking on a new type of fly tying or rather embracing an old one. Up until now I had never had a reason to take on classic Carrie Steven's style streamers (see Streamers 365 for more patterns), however among my fellow local club members these kinds of streamers are a staple of trout fishing on the Guadalupe River in Central Texas. Thus, I have decided to take on mastering how to tie these kinds of streamers so that when the rivers get stocked this season I will have a fly box ready for them. There will be more to come about the techniques used in a later post.

For now the recipe goes in the Fly Gallery.

This fly is tied out of materials I had on hand following the general recommendations of my fellow tiers. Thus, its is untried on the water so I have decided it must be named a virgin fly. Perhaps some divine grace may lead to it being successful. I will make sure and up date once it hits the water.
I don't think this is my best fly ever, but I am happy to post it because I think people get too concerned about how flies look when you are first learning to tie them. More of these type of flies will come and I want people to see how they improve.

The Guadalupe Virgin

Hook: Size 8 Streamer
Thread: Black UTC 140
Butt: Red UTC 140
Body: Single Strand Light Green Yarn
Rib: Silver Flash/Tinsel
Throat: White Bucktail
Wing: Badger Hackle
Shoulder: Hen Saddle
Head: Black 

In classic streamers, a Jungle Cock eye is usually attached, but my budget and my fellow tiers deem it unnecessary. 

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