Monday, October 22, 2012

Marabou Deceiver

This fly is a variant of the classic Deceiver  It functions as a general baitfish pattern, but a few minor changes in color of thread or marabou can make a fly that works for any water clarity situation. This one is tied for my saltwater fly box for redfish and trout on a size 1 hook, but it can be tied on many different sizes.

Step1: Tie in a thread base to about the barb of the hook. Tie in the marabou tail

Step 2: Bring the thread forward to just in front of the hook eye. Then tie in the buck tail so it spins around the hook evenly.

Step 3: Build a thread head and attach the stick on eyes.

Step 4: Add epoxy to the head and move to rotary dryer.

Step 5:Once dry, coat the epoxy head in nail polish.
Alternative color thread makes for some nice hot spots in the fly. You could also add some flash if you want.
Other color combinations: Red and Yellow, Black and Chartreuse, Red and White

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